Raymour & Flanigan Partners with Greenskies Clean Focus on Three Solar Projects in the Northeast

The three solar arrays will offset more than 90 percent of the sites’ energy usage

New York, NY (April 11, 2022) – Raymour & Flanigan, the largest furniture and mattress retailer in the Northeast and seventh largest nationwide, has partnered with Greenskies Clean Focus, a national leader in renewable energy solutions, to embark on three solar projects at Raymour & Flanigan facilities in New Jersey. The installations at the Monmouth Junction Service Center at Culver Road, Fairfield Showroom and Fairfield Clearance Center will further advance Raymour & Flanigan in its sustainability mission.

The Culver Road solar project was completed in late 2021 and is a 516.6 kW DC system that will produce 633,500 kWh of electricity in its first year. The Fairfield Showroom and Clearance Center will host a rooftop PV system with a combined 735.9 kW DC capacity. The Fairfield projects are set to be completed in June 2022, together they will produce 883,260 kWh in their first year. The three solar projects will offset more than 90 percent of the electricity usage at each facility.

"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Raymour and Flanigan and Hill Energy Services on the Monmouth Junction and Fairfield locations, and we are excited to continue to support Raymour and Flanigan's commitment to sustainability by installing solar at additional properties throughout the Northeast,” said Stanley Chin, President and CEO of Greenskies Clean Focus. “These projects are an excellent example of how large-scale retailers can make meaningful gains toward their ESG commitments with renewable energy from on-site solar."

The Greenskies partnership is the latest initiative from Raymour & Flanigan in their commitment to sustainability and greener business practices. These projects will offset nearly 656 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the first year alone. This is the environmental equivalent of taking 233 gas-powered cars off the road, planting nearly 18,000 tree seedlings, and preserving more than 1,280 acres of forest, annually. In addition, the energy generated by these systems is equivalent to 136 homes' electricity use each year. Raymour & Flanigan believes it's everyone's responsibility to take care of our planet, and in addition to hosting solar projects that create green energy, its large-scale recycling program recycles 99 percent of all its packaging materials, resulting in over 200 million pounds of packaging diverted from landfills since 2002.

“At Raymour & Flanigan, prioritizing sustainability and green initiatives aligns with our purpose of helping all people enjoy their home, planet Earth,” said Christopher Gaube, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Raymour & Flanigan. “As an industry leader, we are committed to setting the standard for sustainable practices by offsetting our carbon footprint with renewable energy. We are excited about the completion of these projects as we do our part in building toward a greener future together.”

About Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan is the largest furniture and mattress retailer in the Northeast and seventh largest nationwide. The organization is committed to creating exceptional guest shopping experiences by leveraging their talented team of associates, helpful technology solutions, and quality products. Established in Syracuse, N.Y. in 1947, the retailer has 104 showrooms across the Northeast, 36 outlet stores, 5 clearance centers and a rapidly growing e-commerce business. Raymour & Flanigan is known for its modern, quality home furnishings and quick delivery offering. The company believes in supporting local communities through its many sustainability efforts. Raymour & Flanigan recycles over 99% of packaging materials, amounting to 20 million pounds of materials per year that avoids landfills. For more information, visit www.raymourflanigan.com

About Greenskies Clean Focus

Greenskies Clean Focus offers a full suite of renewable energy solutions to commercial, public sector, and utility energy users throughout the US. Our vertical integration delivers the most cost-competitive solar, battery storage, and low carbon solutions. From beginning to end, our customers work with a single delivery team. Greenskies originates, develops, constructs, and operates, while Clean Focus finances and owns the systems. For more information, please visit www.greenskies.com

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