Save 10% on your Black Hills energy bill.

With no upfront costs and no hassles you can save up to 10% on your Black Hills Energy bill. Community solar makes it easier than ever to go solar and save.



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How Does Community Solar Work?

What is Community Solar?

The State of Colorado established a program which allows everyone - Renters, Homeowners and Business - to reap the benefits of clean, renewable energy. This program, called a Community Solar Garden (CSG), allows companies like Clean Focus to build large solar arrays that send energy to the local Black Hills Energy grid. Any BHE customer who is interested in supporting clean energy in Colorado and save money can subscribe to a portion of the solar garden energy generation. What makes the program so great is that BHE pays YOU for your share of the energy generated. Every month a credit will appear on your utility bill reflecting the value of the solar energy produced. This value is set by the Colorado Public Service Commission on an annual basis.

Your subscription to the Clean Focus CSG guarantees you savings – you will receive a bill from Clean Focus that is 90% of the value you received from the utility, locking in a 10% savings for you.

And the best part - It’s easy! There is nothing to install at your home or business. There is no maintenance. There is no hassle. Clean Focus builds, operates, maintains and does all the reporting to the utility. You can start saving fast - Just a few simple forms to fill out.

How do I start using Community Solar?

Start saving money in 3 simple steps:

1. Click Get Started above, fill out the form, and we’ll let you know how much money you'll save.

2. Sign up and receive credits from Black Hills Energy

3. Save Money

Who is Community Solar good for?

• Home Owners

• Renters

• Small Businesses

• Large Businesses

• Anyone who wants to save on their utility bill.


Black Hills Energy Community Solar Project 2

Rocky Ford, CO

System Size: 495.4 KW

Black Hills Energy Community Solar Project 3

Ordway, CO

System Size: 1.987 MW

Arapahoe 3

Aurora, CO

System Size: 1.76 MW

Adams Community Solar #1 Project

Adams 1

Watkins, CO

System Size: 1.50 MW

Adams Community Solar #2 Project

Adams 2

Watkins, CO

System Size: 1.98 MW


La Jara, CO

System Size: 1.98 MW

Logan - Sterling Colorado, Community Solar Project

Logan 1

Sterling, CO

System Size: 1.98 MW

Weld - Platteville, CO - Community Solar Project

Weld 1

Platteville, CO

System Size: 1.76 MW

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community solar faqs

How long until I start seeing savings? 

Our CSGs are already operational so you can start seeing savings in 4-6 weeks. It is just a matter of getting the paperwork processed.

How does Community Solar Garden save me money? 

We can generate electricity very cost effectively because we can build large solar arrays. This means we can offer our subscribers a discount on their CSG credits. In addition, BHE pays an extra amount for the environmental benefits, increasing the amount of the credits they provide.

How much can expect to save? 

A typical home can expect to save about $150 - $200 per year. A small business may save as much as a $1000 per year.

The actual saving will depend on your energy consumption and the actual solar production which will vary month to month but with our discounted credit program you are guaranteed to save something every month.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment? 

No. With our program you can cancel at any time with a 30 day advanced notice.

What happens if I move? 

If you are moving within the area you can transfer your subscription to your new location. If you are moving out of the area you can just cancel the subscription.