Solar & Roof CHannel Partners

Partner with Greenskies and offer your clients a solar project and a new roof. All with no upfront costs.

Whether you need to develop a solar project start to finish, looking for financing options as a developer or EPC, or looking for help growing your roofing business, you have a partner in Greenskies.

Greenskies has significant experience with financing commercial solar projects.

What does this mean for your customers?

  • Save customers money day one
  • Easy to understand financing
  • New opportunity for financing your customers didn’t have before
  • Enhances client’s property value
  • Financing covers solar and roofing costs
  • Offering a one-stop shop for solar production and roof warranties

How will this grow your business?

  • Greenskies’ Property PPA is much easier to qualify for than traditional Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for your clients
  • Seamless process with technical advisors
  • Simple to sell financing
  • Channel partner support network for all your questions and references


Greenskies Renewable Energy, a Clean Focus company develops, constructs, and maintains clean, renewable-energy projects in the United States. Our mission is to ensure that customized solar solutions operate at peak performance and deliver maximum savings to our clients.

Greenskies has engineered and constructed solar installations across diverse geographies for municipal and commercial clients. Our large portfolio of over 600 sites, that total over 315 MW, includes small to large commercial, municipalities, nonprofits, hospitals and universities.

Our national retail partners, including Lowe's, Walmart, and Amazon, rely on Greenskies to build, operate and maintain their solar energy solutions.

Your clients are in good hands with Greenskies Renewable Energy for the life of the system.

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