Connecticut Green Bank 2022 Outstanding Partner for Solar MAP

Greenskies Clean Focus is the installation partner for the inaugural round of municipalities participating in the Solar Marketplace Assistance Program for Towns & Cities, Solar MAP. Greenskies was competitively selected to install 11 projects in Branford, Manchester, Mansfield, and Portland, totaling 2.8 MW of solar using the Green Bank's Solar PPA, which are producing electricity and helping to reduce costs. Greenskies was a key driver in getting these projects to completion despite many hurdles in the industry from COVID-related supply chain impacts on equipment and timelines.

Solar Power World 2021 Top Solar Contractors

Greenskies Clean Energy ranked as the tenth-largest commercial and industrial (C&I) solar developer in the U.S. on Solar Power World's 2021 Top Solar Contractors ranking. Greenskies installed over 28,000 kilowatts (kW) of solar projects in 2020. In enterprise and municipal projects, the specific sectors where the company focuses, Greenskies ranked in the top five. In its home state of Connecticut, Greenskies ranked as the number one C&I developer with over 18,000 kW of solar installed in the state.

Solar Power World 2019 Top Solar Developer

On their 2019 ranking lists, Solar Power World, the industry’s leading source for technology, development, and installation news, ranked Greenskies No. 6 Commercial Solar Contractor and No. 9 Developer. These lists rank companies according to their influence in the U.S. solar industry in 2018.

Solar Power World 2017 Top Solar Developers

Greenskies is again recognized as a top solar developer and contractor in Solar Power World’s annual list of the top 500 Solar Contractors. Greenskies ranked 4th in commercial and 12th overall for developers, and is ranked 14th for commercial solar contractors based on installed projects in 2016.

Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

Each year at the Annual Business to Business Expo, the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce recognizes and honors businesses who have demonstrated exemplary "Best Practices".

2015 Solar Power World & SEIA Top Solar Contractor of the Year

Greenskies was ranked ninth among solar developers in the publication’s annual rankings. The company was ranked as the top solar developer in New England, the second highest solar developer in the Northeast and the fourth highest solar developer in the eastern half of the country.

Greenskies was also ranked 15th on Solar Power World’s list of the nation’s top solar contractors in the commercial segment. It was ranked as the top commercial segment solar contractor in New England.

2015 State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation

"In recognition of receiving the Award of "Technology Business of the Year" from the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce. We recognize the hard work that has gone into building your business and commend you for your efforts. Your contributions to the community are exceptional and a true inspiration to all. congratulations on this much deserved honor and we wish you continued success.

The entire membership extends its very best wishes on this memorable occasion and expresses the hope for a continued success."

Solar Power World 2015 #11 Top Solar Developers

Developers aren’t just the big guys planning multi-megawatt solar farms in the desert. Even small residential projects needs a trusted company to plan and assign tasks.

National Council for Capital "2014 Small Business of the Year"

The NCFC advocates innovative access to capital policies that enable the growth of small businesses. We are a non-profit, nationwide coalition of leaders supporting economic development and job creation through long-term access to capital for entrepreneurs and emerging companies. Our mission includes serving as a resource for promising young companies across the nation, as well as entrepreneurs, investors, economic developers, and other stakeholders within the emerging investment infrastructure. We also serve as a sounding board for elected officials across the country to share "best practices" within their state or community.

Each year, the NCFC recognizes officials and small businesses that have exhibited leadership in providing access to capital and creating jobs.

Novogradac "2014 Deal of the Year"

Our innovative and creative approach to project development resulted in being awarded “Deal of the Year” from Novogradac in 2014. The award recognized Clean Focus’ (now Greenskies) ability to overcome obstacles, demonstrating our ability to solve problems and get projects built successfully.

2012 RoofPoint Certificate of Recognition

RoofPoint recognized our commitment to the promotion of sustainable roofing for the Sika Sarnafil Office and Warehouse installation in Canton, Massachusetts.

2011 Target Partner of Excellence Award

According to one Target executive: In 2011, Greenskies partnered with Target to help support the expansion of Target's solar portfolio. Greenskies proved invaluable in helping navigate the extremely competitive incentive process ultimately ensuring that Target succeeded in obtaining incentives for 100% of their applications. In addition, Greenskies offered exceptional turnkey services including engineering, procurement and installation of three projects in 2011 and will assist in the completion of an additional two installations in early 2012. Most impressively, when these projects faced increased risk due to unexpected supply change issues, Greenskies stepped up, offering to obtain and store necessary replacement equipment for the duration of the ten-year project at no cost to Target. Greenskies has exemplified excellence in strategic planning, execution and creative problem solving in the face of adversity making them a preferred provider of Target's solar investments.

The Award Reads:

"Because outstanding partnerships have always played a roll in our success, Target Corporation is proud to acknowledge a select group of vendor partners each year for their extraordinary passion for performance and dedication to the Target brand. With this award, Target recognizes your innovative leadership, superior business practices and commitment to our core strategies of Differentiation, Value and Reliability. On behalf of all Target team members and guests, we extend our sincere thanks for your exceptional support. We look forward to our continued partnership and a future of shared success."