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Greenskies Renewable Energy Named No. 1
in Total Commercial Solar Installations

Clean Focus Named No. 1 Owner of Commercial Solar in the United States by Solar Power World's 2019 Top Solar Contractors list.

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Municipalities, and retailers like Walmart and Target stores,
are quickly moving to solar to save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

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Landowners monetize previously unused land.

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Greenskies is your vertically-integrated, solar partner, dedicated to quality and operational excellence. Unlike other developers, we plan to own and operate for the long-term.

Backed by the financial strength of Clean Focus, we bring large company value, while retaining the flexibility to transact quickly and explore unique opportunities.

Latest News

Greenskies Waterford Solar Farm featured on North American Clean Energy Sep./Oct. 2023 Cover

Greenskies Clean Focus designed, constructed, and financed the 18.68 MW project in Waterford, CT. They will own, operate, and maintain it for the 20-year term.

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Solar project at Killingly High School offsets 90% of school’s power needs

Greenskies Clean Focus has completed a solar project at Killingly High School that offsets 90% of the school’s power needs, the company said in an announcement. The new ground-mounted solar array at the high school brings the total solar capacity at the high school to 1.35 megawatts, the company…

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Greenskies Clean Focus Doubles Solar Capacity for Killingly, Conn.

The Town of Killingly, Conn. partnered with Greenskies Clean Focus, a developer and builder of renewable energy solutions, to install an additional 1 MW solar at Killingly High School.

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Greenskies Clean Focus Doubles Solar Capacity to 2 MW for Town of Killingly

Over the last four years, Greenskies has installed over 2 MW of solar across eight solar arrays at five Town facilities, ranging from the smallest, a 66 kW rooftop array at the Highway Department, to a 310 kW carport canopy array at the District Administrative building and this latest 1 MW ground…

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Greenskies installs ground-mount solar array for Connecticut high school

The Town of Killingly partnered with Greenskies Clean Focus to install an additional 1-MW solar array at Killingly High School in Connecticut.

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Solar Installation Achievements


"This is another step forward in the Commonwealth’s clean-energy mission, and will help make Massachusetts a better place for the next generation."

– Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

"It’s a great project using energy and lowering emissions and it makes use of the landfill, which is otherwise unused."

– Tom Skoglund, Assistant City Planner , Meriden, CT

"We're taking a major energy-consuming asset and we're going to be powering it with renewable energy. We’re eliminating the electricity costs of that facility for the taxpayers."

– Dan Drew, Mayor , Middletown, CT

"We are thrilled with the installation... Our outstanding partners, Clean Focus [now Greenskies] and American Capital Energy, have demonstrated significant expertise and skill in deploying these valuable solar assets."

– John Checklick, President , Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative

"It was a pleasure to work with Clean Focus [now Greenskies] and partners on this project. We’re proud to have flexed our extensive construction expertise to build this magnificent 3.75 MW project."

– Manuel Andrade, President , Sol Construction

"Incorporating solar into our overall plan was just the right thing to do for environmental and financial reasons. Bundling these projects allowed us to accomplish more in a shorter period of time."

– Mark Deming, Director of Facilities , Trumbull, CT