Greenskies, State Golf Courses to Explore Solar Options

Press Release | Middletown, CT
August 16, 2016

Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC, a Middletown-based solar energy company, is pairing up with the Connecticut State Golf Association, or CSGA, to explore the possibility of bringing green, low-cost solar energy to Connecticut’s public and private golf courses.

The CSGA is an association of 183 member golf clubs, of which 79 are private and 104 are public. An extension of the United States Golf Association, the organization is charged with overseeing amateur golf in Connecticut.

Founded in 1899, the Rocky Hill-based group is the nation’s oldest state golf association.

Greenskies is a 5-year-old company that has designed and built solar photovoltaic systems that have produced more than 500 million kilowatt hours of electric energy. The company’s clients do not pay for the installation of their solar arrays. Instead, they sign 15- to 20-year power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in which they agree to purchase their electricity from Greenskies for the term of the contract at a discounted rate that will always be lower than the rate they would pay for conventional electric power.

Photovoltaic systems can be engineered to meet any electric need, large or small, and can be built on any nearby, shade-free area, including rooftops, making them a particularly efficient, clean and cost-effective option for a golf course.