Greenskies Hits 100 Million kWh Generation Milestone

Press Release | Middletown, CT
March 21, 2016

Solar installations designed and built by a Connecticut-based solar energy company have reached a significant milestone with their generation of more than 100 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity.

Greenskies Renewable Energy, a company that was formed in 2008, surpassed the energy production milestone in March.

“This milestone speaks loudly about the energy and capability of this company and the dedication and proficiency of the people who work here,” said Michael Silvestrini, the company’s president, CEO and co-founder. “The fact that we have gone from 5 million to 100 million kilowatt hours in just three years clearly marks us as a successful and rapidly growing force in the solar energy world.”

One hundred million kilowatt hours (or kWh) of clean energy production would offset about 156 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It could power about 190,000 sixty-watt light bulbs for an entire year.

According to the Energy Information Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, the average New England household uses 7,668 kWh per year. Therefore, 100 million kWh would be enough electricity to power about 13,040 New England households for an entire year.

Greenskies’ ability to reach the 100 kWh milestone is a direct consequence of its rapid growth over the past three years. It took the company about five years to reach the 5 million kWh milestone, which it surpassed in April 2013. From there, due to the explosive growth of its portfolio of completed solar projects, it took only a year and a half to reach the 25 million kWh mark, which it hit in January 2015; six additional months to reach 50 million kWh in July 2015; and another year and a half to surpass the 75 million kWh milestone, which it accomplished last December.

The company currently has about 225,000 photovoltaic solar panels installed at 160 operational solar installations in ten states. It is on schedule to complete an additional 200 solar projects by the end of the year.

Greenskies designs, builds and maintains solar photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial clients, municipalities and government agencies, educational institutions and utilities throughout the United States.