Solar Farm Approved in Waterford, Conn.

WSHU Public Radio NPR News | Brain Scott-Smith
November 17, 2020

The Connecticut Siting Council has approved a controversial 75-acre Solar Farm for the town of Waterford, despite rejecting it just two years ago.

Jeff Hintzke from Greenskies Clean Energy, the company behind the new farm, says they listened to previous concerns and came up with a revised plan.

“Part of the whole downsizing was moving the solar from more potentially problematic areas and we increased the size of stormwater catch basins and the city had some concerns on site access and things like that, that were more minor but needed to be addressed," Hintzke said.

The environmental group, “Save the River-Save the Hills” has criticized the decision to go ahead saying the farm. They say it will still have a major impact on local wildlife and two small rivers, due to the amount of rainwater runoff that will occur at the site.

Hintzke said it will have a positive impact on energy production for the area and the State.

“It helps increase the overall green energy being used in Connecticut, it will be utilized by customers on a broad basis if you will," Hintzkey said, "so ultimately it helps Connecticut and Connecticut citizens reach their clean energy goals that are being mandated by State Government ”

The solar farm is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 and will power around 2000 homes and help the state towards its clean energy target for 2030.