Middletown solar firm tops in New England

By HartfordBusiness.com

Greenskies Renewable Energy installed more megawatts of solar panels in 2014 than any other New England-based company, according to a new ranking by Solar Power World.

The Middletown company, founded in 2008, installed 22.6 megawatts that year, ranking it 48th and 15th among North American solar contractors and commercial solar contractors, respectively.

Greenskies was also ninth among solar developers, a category that includes companies that secure financing for solar installations and often own projects once they're complete. Developers are sometimes the builder.
The next closest New England contractor to Greenskies was Massachusetts-based Nexamp, which placed just behind Greenskies at 22.1 megawatts, according to the ranking.

The top North American solar contractor in 2014 was Arizona's First Solar Inc., which installed just over 1 gigawatt. SolarCity, which has Connecticut operations, placed third. While Greenskies was the only Connecticut company in the overall top 50, the next closest was Danbury's Ross Solar Group, in 178th place with 2.5 megawatts.