Lawrence Township solar projects are equivalent of taking 1,665 cars off the roads | Staff
October 5, 2021

Greenskies Clean Energy LLC partnered with Eznergy Solar Energy Solutions to install 606 kilowatts (kW) of solar for the Township of Lawrence. These solar installations contributed to the township’s 2020 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Climate Change & Clean Air for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its municipal operations.

“Lawrence Township is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and advancing our shared goals of a more sustainable future,” Kevin Nerwinski, Lawrence Township municipal manager, said in a prepared statement. “These solar installations were critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for our municipality. We’re proud that they can serve as a model to the community.”

This portion of Lawrence Township’s journey to environmental excellence began in 2018 by evaluating their municipal property for solar feasibility. Next, the township conducted a competitive RFP bid process and selected Greenskies and Eznergy as partners to complete several solar projects, according to the statement.

In the end, solar was installed in the form of carports at the Lawrence Township Municipal Building (194 kW) and the adjacent Lawrence Township Police and Municipal Court building (374 kW), along with a rooftop system at the Public Works Building (38 kW).

Annually, these Lawrence Township solar projects are expected to generate 722,848 kWh of clean, renewable energy, according to the statement. And over the term, they will offset more than 7,680 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of taking 1,665 cars off the roads, according to the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator.

“Greenskies is proud to partner with Eznergy and Lawrence Township, a community deeply committed to taking meaningful action against climate change,” Stanley Chin, president and CEO of Greenskies, said in the statement. “Implementing solar has helped them to offset greenhouse gas emissions by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and sets a good example for the entire community.”

In addition to the environmental benefits, the township will also save on electricity costs by purchasing the power generated by the solar panels from Greenskies at a discounted rate, compared to traditional utility costs, according to the statement.

Greenskies funded the construction at no upfront cost to the township and partnered with Eznergy to install the solar arrays.

Greenskies will own, operate and maintain the solar systems for the lifetime of the projects.

“Eznergy was happy to partner with Lawrence Township and Greenskies for this exciting solar carport canopy project,” James Brown, president of Eznergy, said in the statement. “We are glad we could contribute to the Townships goals for clean energy use and we’re proud that Lawrence Township was awarded for the project.”