Greenskies solar project at city schools nearly finished

New Haven Biz | Natalie Missakian
January 26, 2018

A project started last fall to install rooftop solar arrays at 11 New Haven public school buildings is nearing completion, Middletown-based Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC said this week.

The project, which began last September, is expected to lower electric costs for the city, which will purchase power from the arrays at a discounted rate, Greenskies said.

Schools getting solar power include: Ross Woodward, Benjamin Jepson, Mauro-Sheridan, East Rock, Clinton Avenue, Columbus Family Academy, Brennan Rogers, John S. Martinez and the James Hillhouse, Hill Regional Career, and Wilbur Cross high schools.

All work is expected to be completed by early this year, the company said.

Mayor Toni N. Harp said the installation will more than double the city's solar generation capacity to 2.8 megawatts, and according to Greenskies, will offset more than 2.5 million pounds of CO2 a year. That's equivalent to taking 280 cars off the road, the company said.

"It'll showcase the city's determination to lead by example and provide for students at these 11 schools a hands-on lesson about how renewable power can save literally tons of carbon emissions each year," Harp said.

Greenskies, which has been called the most prolific solar developer in Connecticut, was purchased in December by California-based Clean Focus Yield Ltd., a group of renewable energy companies.