Connecticut Green Bank Presents 2022 Awards

Connecticut Green Bank | Staff
April 24, 2023

Projects, partners, homeowners, and stakeholders recognized for their impact on the green economy in our communities

Hartford, CT (April 24, 2023) – In recognition of their contributions to the deployment of clean energy and demonstrated leadership in their industries and communities in 2022, the Connecticut Green Bank has announced the honorees of its eighth annual awards. The awards recognize key partners in the dedicated network of contractors, developers, lending partners, community leaders, and home and building owners. As a result of projects and partnerships like these, the Green Bank has helped create more than 26,000 job years and 66,000 clean energy projects since 2011.

“We are excited to honor this diverse group of our community members, and we are proud of their continued leadership and support,” said Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of the Green Bank. “Each year, the list of recipients for our annual awards grows. For 2022, we are recognizing the first contractors and homeowners participating in the Public Utility Regulatory Authority’s (PURA) Energy Storage Solutions program, which launched in 2022 and has reduced the cost of installing battery storage in homes and businesses through incentives.”

Outstanding Partner for Solar MAP

Greenskies Clean Focus
Greenskies Clean Focus is the installation partner for the inaugural round of municipalities participating in the Solar Marketplace Assistance Program for Towns & Cities, Solar MAP. Greenskies was competitively selected to install 11 projects in Branford, Manchester, Mansfield, and Portland, totaling 2.8 MW of solar using the Green Bank’s Solar PPA, which are producing electricity and helping to reduce costs. Greenskies was a key driver in getting these projects to completion despite many hurdles in the industry from COVID-related supply chain impacts on equipment and timelines.