Barnegat Twp. schools unveil carport canopies in effort lower emissions (and save money)

ROI-NJ | Staff
May 2, 2023

As Barnegat Township School District Business Administrator Steve Brennan tells it, installing solar canopies was a win-win.

That’s why it brought in Greenskies Clean Focus to install a 2.14 megawatt solar canopy carport portfolio, one that totals 4,756 solar photovoltaic panels at its six schools.

“We’re excited to see these solar carports operating and beginning to save our school district money while creating a more sustainable future,” Brennan said. “These projects showcase our ongoing commitment to our students and community by prioritizing renewable energy and long-term cost savings.”

Annually, the schools are projected to generate more than 2,748 megawatt-hours of clean energy, offsetting more than 1,948 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Over the next 15 years, that would be the equivalent of taking about 6,500 gas-powered cars off the road or preserving 34,800 acres of forest.

In addition to these positive environmental impacts and electricity cost savings, the solar canopy structures will provide valuable shade and protection from rain, sleet and snow at the schools, Brennan said.

Greenskies funded the projects at no upfront cost to Barnegat Township, which will purchase the power generated by the arrays from Greenskies at a low, fixed rate for the next 15 years. Greenskies also will provide ongoing management and maintenance.

“Greenskies is proud to help the Barnegat Township School District achieve its renewable energy goals,” CEO Stanley Chin said. “When schools reduce energy costs with solar, the students stand to benefit the most.”

The following schools in Barnegat Township were impacted:

  • Barnegat High School (323.1 kilowatts);
  • Russel O. Brackman Middle School (711.9 kW);
  • Robert L. Horbelt Intermediate School (336.6 kW);
  • Joseph T. Donahue School (336.6 kW);
  • Cecil S. Collins School (234.9 kW);
  • Lillian M. Dunfee School (197.1 kW).