Press Releases

Greenskies Closes 4th Multi-Million Dollar Round of Financing with First Niagara

Jun 17, 2013
Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC said today it has closed its fourth round of financing with First Niagara Financial Group.

Greenskies Seeks Partners in Advance of Energy Credit Auction

Jun 04, 2013
Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC, a Middletown solar energy company, is seeking to form partnerships with corporate and municipal clients in Connecticut interested in reducing their energy costs and enhancing their green footprint by installing highly efficient solar photovoltaic arrays on their property at no cost.

Connecticut Solar Company Awarded ZREC/LREC Grants

Jul 18, 2012
Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC, based in Middletown, Connecticut, has won eight  ZREC (zero-emissions) energy program contracts.