Greenskies completes rooftop array on Las Vegas Amazon fulfillment center

May 31, 2018
Greenskies Renewable Energy, a Clean Focus company, has completed another major rooftop solar project as it helps lead the nation’s green energy movement. The latest project powers the Amazon fulfillment center in North Las Vegas, Nevada, with 1.1 MW of clean, renewable energy.

Greenskies solar project powers Middletown water treatment plant

May 29, 2018
Greenskies Renewable Energy recently completed the installation of a solar array on a parcel of city property adjacent to the Higby water treatment facility.

Middletown solar firm completes project in Chester

May 15, 2018
Middletown-based Greenskies Renewable Energy has completed the installation of a rooftop solar array at Whelen Engineering in Chester.

Greenskies bringing solar energy to Connecticut schools

Apr 13, 2018
Project after project, Greenskies Renewable Energy is putting solar panels and arrays on top of buildings.

Clean Focus Completes Six Community Solar Projects In Colorado

Feb 08, 2018
Clean Focus Renewables Inc. has completed six Colorado community solar gardens that are expected to produce 23,829 MWh of clean energy annually, which could power 2,213 homes.

Clean Focus Completes 11.92 MW Community Solar Projects In Colorado

Feb 08, 2018
Clean Focus Renewables, Inc. (“Clean Focus”) completed six community solar gardens in Colorado. The projects will distribute clean, renewable energy to a wide range of Colorado subscribers.

Clean Focus Energizes 3.9 MW Solar Array In Klamath Falls, Oregon

Jan 31, 2018
Ewauna 2 consists of 12,084 solar modules and 58 inverters on 22 acres of privately owned land leased by the project. The solar array is expected to produce 7,238,000 kWh of clean energy annually, which could power 672 homes.

Clean Focus Renewables completes Ewauna 2 ground-mount solar project in Oregon

Jan 30, 2018
Clean Focus Renewables completed Ewauna 2, a 3.867-MW ground-mount solar project in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Greenskies Renewable Energy will maintain the solar array, and Clean Focus Yield will operate the system as part of its large portfolio of commercial, industrial, small utility and community solar projects.

Solar panels installed at 11 schools in New Haven, Conn.

Jan 26, 2018
The arrays will offset more than 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Greenskies solar project at city schools nearly finished

Jan 26, 2018
A project started last fall to install rooftop solar arrays at 11 New Haven public school buildings is nearing completion, Middletown-based Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC said this week.