walmart stores & ppa's

As one of our first major commercial partners, Walmart has proven to be an industry leader in solar and renewable energy. An average rooftop installation produces enough solar energy to power nearly 100 homes. With stores all over the country, Walmart is able to turn that solar production into huge savings.

Walmart takes advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model. A PPA model is owned and operated by Greenskies, which means there are no upfront costs to Walmart. Once the solar installation goes online Walmart starts saving money immediately.

To break it down even further, let's look at one store in particular:


Walpole, MA

Size of Installation

374.22 kW

Energy Produced

442,600 kWh/Year

Cost to Client


Project Timeline

6-8 weeks

Year 1 Savings


Number of Panels


Year Commissioned


What is a PPA?

For our commercial and industrial clients, Greenskies utilizes a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) that has since become the standard for all our C&I clients. The PPA allows building owners to obtain their green energy objectives and realize substantial savings with no capital outlay. The relationship is beneficial as commercial building owners do not have the ability to monetize current incentives and the PPA allows them to make significant investments with only an obligation to purchase the electricity generated at a reduced rate for the term of the PPA.

The Benefits of a PPA

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Savings start immediately after installation becomes operational
  • Fixed rate over 20 years so you know exactly how much you’ll be saving