Greenskies Ranked #1
Commercial Solar Provider

on Greentech Media Leaderboard, the solar industry’s leading research firm and data tracker

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Not only can your school save money, we have educational programs designed to teach students the benefits and technology of solar.

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Leveraging the best technology, we can tailor an installation to accommodate a number of roof or ground installation challenges.

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As a municipality, you'll see savings that go straight to your bottom line turning into benefits for years to come.

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Latest News

Wesleyan Begins Using New Solar Array; 4,162 Panels To Help Power Microgrid

Wesleyan University turned on its new 4.5-acre, 750-kilowatt solar power array Tuesday, adding a new source of sustainable energy to its campus microgrid.

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Lewis County officials hopeful for solar project kickoff in spring

Lewis County’s planned solar project appears to be on track for an early 2017 kickoff, thanks to some help from the state Public Service Commission.

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Lowville trustees narrowly grant zoning immunity for county solar project

LOWVILLE — Village trustees on Wednesday narrowly voted to grant Lewis County zoning immunity for its planned solar project, more than a week and a half after the initial vote was deadlocked.

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Middletown company reaches national success

(WFSB - July 8, 2016) - A Middletown-based company is helping cool residents down while helping the environment. The company Greenskies currently provides solar power to Wesleyan University.

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Greenskies Ranked No. 1 Among Commercial And Industrial Solar Power Firms

(Hartford Courant - June 30, 2016) - A Middletown-based solar-power company, Greenskies Renewable Energy, had the biggest share of the commercial and industrial market in the nation during the first quarter of 2016, according to a solar industry research firm.

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Who's Already Saving with Solar?


"This is another step forward in the Commonwealth’s clean-energy mission, and will help make Massachusetts a better place for the next generation."

– Governor Deval Patrick , MA

"It’s a great project using energy and lowering emissions and it makes use of the landfill, which is otherwise unused."

– Tom Skoglund, Assistant City Planner , Meriden, CT

"We're taking a major energy-consuming asset and we're going to be powering it with renewable energy. We’re eliminating the electricity costs of that facility for the taxpayers."

– Mayor Dan Drew , Middletown, CT

Stabilizing the Future Cost of Electricity