Case studies

Walmart Stores

Greenskies has worked with Wal-Mart to establish a solar energy program for their portfolio of stores across the United States. In an effort to meet their renewable energy goals, we've developed a framework to help them move forward, faster.

Case Study

Target Stores

Utilizing a Solar Installation Agreement (SIA), Target not only saves thousands annually on their energy costs, but they own the solar installations outright. There are many advantages to an SIA as the savings pay for the cost of the installation and more.

Case Study

Wesleyan University

In hopes of eventually producing 100% of their own energy, Wesleyan's first phase of their goal is a ground installation that produces 300kWh. With the decrease in costs, it's becoming increasingly easier to save money with solar energy.

Case Study


The Town of Southington, CT

Southington is really making a charge toward renewable energy. The benefits for the town come in the form of savings for tax payers, as well as, savings to the budget overall. These savings allow the town to keep programs or staff they would otherwise have to cut.

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