Mike Capalbo
VP Engineering and Procurement

Mike Capalbo leads the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction department at Greenskies.

The EPC team delivers all new assets from preliminary design to commercial operation. Specifically, the team executes preliminary design, EPC budgeting, supply chain, engineering, installation, and commissioning for all solar PV and energy storage projects at Greenskies. Mike’s group emphasizes best practice evolution, design optimization, and installation quality. Also included in the group’s purvue are the identification and integration of new technologies.

Mike brings ten years of experience in the clean energy and energy solutions industries. Most recently, he served in clean energy operations roles at SoCore Energy and Engie. In these roles, Mike delivered 350 MWs of new generation assets.

Prior to his career in renewable energy, Mike’s professional ventures include mechanical engineering and energy efficiency consulting.

Mike holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Miami University.