System Designer Level 1

Job Duties

As an entry level member of the Analytics & Design Team, this position assists in the design and development of solar PV and energy storage systems for construction, records site conditions when requested, uses internal guidelines to recommend project specifications needed for successful execution. The Systems Designer is carefully supervised and has limited authority.

Location: North Haven, CT

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Recommend renewable energy system characteristics and product selections to A&D designers. Recommendations should maximize generation and optimize value to the customer
  • Utilize company protocols and established guidelines to create site-specific layouts detailing equipment locations using Helioscope and AutoCAD software
  • Calculate system lifetime electricity generation estimates. Review estimates with leadership.
  • Submit all preliminary designs and production models to management for quality control, and make necessary revisions recommended by senior designers.
  • A&D team leadership may ask Designer to perform customer site visits during internal resource planning meetings. Based on guidance and direction from A&D team leadership, conduct on-site visits to inform preliminary design options and site suitability.
  • Perform basic tasks such as record nameplate data of electrical devices, assess roof or land integrity, record available electrical room space, speak to facility managers about any unique aspects of the building’s electrical systems.
  • Submit findings to senior designers for incorporation into preliminary plans.
  • Review existing building drawings, site plans, and other Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation. Report findings to leadership and recommend design considerations.
  • Use GIS to incorporate site restrictions into layouts. Utilize company protocols and established guidelines to operate GIS within the parameters set forth by the company.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering or a related field and five months experience in Solar Energy

Send resume and cover letter with salary requirements by mail or by fax to (860) 516-3139.

These duties and responsibilities are intended to describe the general nature and scope of work being performed by this position. This is not a complete listing and other duties will be assigned based on the position's role within the business.

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