PV System Design Engineer

Job Description

The PV System Design Engineer designs PV systems, evaluate site conditions and infrastructure where PV systems may be installed, and develop project specifications needed for successful execution. Directly supports the Business Development team and plays a critical role in development of all PV systems proposals.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Determine PV system characteristics and product selection that maximize generation and minimize costs to optimize value to the customer;
  • Calculate PV system lifetime electricity generation estimates;
  • Conduct on-site visits to assess site conditions and facility infrastructure for prospective PV installations;
  • Review building drawings, site plans, and other Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation;
  • Understand and interpret codes that impact solar array designs;
  • Use GIS to incorporate site restrictions into layouts;
  • Prepare technical drawings of electrical wiring systems;
  • Evaluate new PV technology and products for future incorporation;
  • Provide general technical guidance to the organization on system design practices and other technical Considerations.
  • 10% travel within the state required for site visits and client meetings.

Minimum Requirements

  • Masters degree in sustainable energy, electrical engineering or a related field; and six months of direct experience in engineering and system design for commercial and industrial scale solar PV projects.
  • Specific experience and skill requirements: Understanding of National Electric Code and International Building Code requirements and design considerations; experience with AutoCAD or similar drafting software; experience with preparing and submitting interconnection applications; experience with performing site visits for PV suitability.

To apply, please mail resume to Greenskies Renewable Energy, Human Resources Dept., 180 Johnson St., Middletown, CT 06457, or fax to 860-516-3139.