There is no getting around the energy costs as a big box retailer, be it your retail locations or your distribution centers. However, utilizing your available roof space can offset those energy costs significantly. With no outlay of capital and no cost for the duration of the term, Greenskies' PPA product aims to reduce energy costs of at least 20% per location. Multiply that across numerous locations and the savings really start to add up.

Commercial applications can benefit from solar energy in a number of ways:

  1. Being a distributed energy source, solar energy has the greatest financial advantage in applications where the electricity being produced can be used directly by the project host (or virtually net-metered), whereas utility-scale projects have to compete with more affordable forms of centralized electrical generation.
  2. Large, vertically integrated, publically-traded firms with manufacturing capacity are better-suited to develop utility-scale projects than Greenskies. As described above, vertical integration is not in our business model.
  3. Solar projects benefit greatly from economy of scale. Scale resulst in better leverage with manufacturers and partner firms because a large portion of the costs and time associated with solar development is in the permitting, design and incentive-management. By focusing on commercial markets, the costs and speed of development improve.
  4. Our team is perfectly suited for meeting the needs of the commercial market where a high level of financial and construction sophistication is expected.

We're one of the top commercial solar developers in the country. We're not going anywhere. Your contract is guaranteed over the lifetime of the system. We're backed by some of the biggest banks in the world, so rest assured, you'll see the savings.

small commercial

Small commercial buildings aren't immune to the savings that solar offers either. A one-off commercial building or even a small group of buildings can utilize a solar array to keep their energy costs down.

Whether you own a car dealership, an office building, or an apartment complex, our engineers will consult and qualify your building for solar.

Plus, state incentives, like the C-PACE program, can help you pay for the installation through the money your already saving. Once again, there is no money up front and you see savings as soon as the solar array is live.


Greenskies works with the C-PACE program to help you meet your energy saving goals. As the No. 1 commercial solar developer in the country we know a thing or two about the needs of a commercial building owner. The benefits of using renewable energy combined with the savings you'll see on your energy bill far out weigh the reasons not to go solar.

From the Connecticut Green Bank CPACE website:

"Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is an innovative program that is helping commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners access affordable, long-term financing for smart energy upgrades to their buildings.

C-PACE allows building owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. Property owners pay for the improvements over time through this additional charge on their property tax bill, and the repayment obligation transfers automatically to the next owner if the property is sold. Capital provided under the C-PACE program is secured by a lien on the property, so low-interest capital can be raised from the private sector."

What is a PPA

For businesses like yours, Greenskies utilizes a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) that has since become the standard for all our Commercial and Industrial clients. The PPA allows you to obtain your green energy objectives and realize substantial savings with no capital outlay. The relationship is beneficial as commerical building owners and schools do not have the ability to monetize current incentives and the PPA allows them to make significant investments with only an obligation to purchase the electricity generated at a reduced rate for the term of the PPA.

The benefits of a PPA

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Savings start immediately after installation becomes operational
  • Fixed rate over 20 years so you know exactly how much you’ll be saving

Watch the video below to understand how a PPA works.

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